Fukushima 7th Year Report

7 years has passed. Earth Quake and Tsunami took about 20000 lives. And Nuclear disaster continues to lead us to the unkonwn future.
Many differnt theories has been expressed about a radiation matter. Some of them says Radiation in Fukushima is not danger to our body. Some of them says that there are already many victims of Radiation.
People in Fukushima are not feel free to speak about radiation issue.
The government & media put more weight to talk about safety of radiation.
It is strange situation that hesitating to talk about it...
It make me think that how we the people live out side of Fukushima support. A Buddhist Monk Pray. At Southern Minami Soma city where recently J.P. government permitted to live after Nuclear contamination.
                           March 10th. Inter faith pilgrimage has been held past 7 yeras.

                                                Tsunami reached a couple of miles.

Elementary school was engulfed by Tsunami. Killed 74 kids.


Why Nago city elected a new mayor who is promoting Henoko New Base.

After a Mayor of Nago changed, everyone who want to stop Henoko U.S. new base construction dissapointed.

Because last 8 years people chose Mr Inamine who strongly oppose the New Base construction.

The new mayor was suppotred by Japanese government (LDP).
When the election time, He Mr. Togucihi never mentioned about Henoko.
It was a strategy to not talk about base issue. but only economy matter.

Because of tirering of base issue for Nago people.
People did wanted to hear something but no Base issue.

Japanese gov. put 120% power to make Mr. Toguchi win.

An hundred of the members of the national diet came to Nago.
To give a presure to companies, hospitals, post offices, religious groups etc...

I need to mention that under age of 50's voted for Mr. Toguchi.
Over 60's voted for Inamine.

It shows that people who know the war time chose Inamine.
And also people who see the news and get infomations by smart phone, internet chose Mr Tog…

1.9.2018 Henoko Sit in started

ALSOK is a one of the biggest security company in Japan. You may think that security men are armed like U.S's security companies. But, As you see them, they have no arms. they are bare hands. They don't look sturdy, they look very normal men.
I often think about their lives. How they got this job, What did they do before having this job, What comes into their minds when they see our struggle.
Okinawan young police.
A couple of hundrds trucks went in to the Base in this day.
Young police carry elder Okinawan.

Miyako Island (Okinawa) New Japanese Army base for Missile Defense Construction started

Miyako-Island is even more south from Okinawa. We took air plane from Naha(Okinawa's capital) to Miyako and took about a hour.
Miyako-island is a part of Okinawa. Historically. Miyako has a bit unique culture and language compare to main island of Okinawa. By that reason, Miyako people have been even more exploitated and discriminated by Japan & Okinawa.
Small island like Miyako is often disregarded by its own nation.
There are new Japanese military bases plans are going on around Okinawa Islads,
Japanese government is positioning Chaina as a potencial enermy. However, to keep out China from Pacific region is probably an order from U.S.A to Japan.
I heared one theory from Okinawan Congress man.
He said, the USA has no plan to have a with China. China and USA is so much tied economically. So what USA wants is to keep Taiwan separated from China. For that reason USA asks Japan to builds the Japanese military bases around Okinawa islands. Using Japanese Force to face China. 


Power of the Prayer

Today, we have an hounor to welcome the Chumash elder with his deligation from U.S.A.
He is a member of environmental group who also support Henoko struggle by protecting Dugong.

Today, he offered a song as a prayer at Henoko camp site where is in front of Camp Schwab USMC base.

So many people visit Henoko for the support of struggle, but not many people have offered a prayer.

Criticizing political leaders, verifing construction's situation, etc.

People in Henoko action like to talk about politics, not spiritual or religious.

Political topics make people anger and regrettable.

When people pray and speak from the heart with compassion and wisom.
This makes people happy and be pleased.

It was a good example today which people in Henoko forgot to do.

the Prayer holds people's good heart together. Even it gives nothing of visible result, but it remain something warm and strong in people's mind. Then often it's so important to keep people walk forwad.

お役所めぐり ー沖縄平和行進2017ー

今、辺野古の新基地建設問題をめぐり沖縄県内の市町村の首長達も分断されている。 日本政府と協調関係を強く持つ首長と、翁長県政を支え辺野古新基地反対を訴える首長。 それは役場の対応でも顕著に表れる。首長はじめ職員大勢で出迎え接待してくれる役所。 はたまた、「対応できません。」と拒否する役所。
今まで平和行進団に対して市長がメッセージを出していた役所も多くあったらしいが、それも年々なくなってきている。 今回は大体13カ所の役所を訪れたが、私の記憶では約6カ所の首長がメッセージ文を出してくれませんでした。
10月20日、那覇市役所前で出発式。 那覇市役所の市職労の方々からご挨拶を頂く。市長からのメッセージはなし、理由は宗教団体だからだろうか?オウム真理教の事件以降あろうか、宗教者に対する差別意識、或は恐怖感というものを、人々は持つようになった。しかし、面識のある沖縄選出の国会議員からのメッセージは届いた。
”曰く、憲法9条のせいで、中国の領海侵犯を許したり、韓国に竹島を占領されているんだ!! 憲法9条を守ることが、抑止力になるとは何事か!?”
強い軍事力を持つ事で、国が守れるというのは、実はただの思い込みに過ぎない。 国を守る上で一番重要なのは、国家間の信頼関係や他国への貢献度などではないだろうか。 そして、一つには国を代表する各大臣の人格や人間性に依るものではないでしょうか。
10月20日、大宜味村役場を訪問。 副村長が出てきてご挨拶。大宜味村は例年村長はじめ多くの村職員が出てこられる。 みかんにジュースにお菓子をご接待頂く。大宜味村は沖縄北部ヤンバル地域三村の国頭、東、大宜味村の中でも、平和行政の盛んな革新的な村として知られている。
10月21日、東村役場総務財政課長の対応。 東村高江に墜落炎上した米軍ヘリ事故についての対応などを伺いに訪問。 市民らによる事故後初めての役場…

U.S. Marine's CH53E Helicopter Burned down at Takae Village.

a picture from Okinawa Times

                                                                     On October 15,
Suddenly, TV made a beep call which means an emergency news. And sentenses came up with "U.S. helicopter made an emergency landing".

I got paled.
Worried about my friends in Takae.
I called to my friend but, didn't answer.

With in one hour, came to know more details with video.
Showing the black smoke goes up to the sky.
Almost once a year, U.S. Air craft make crush in Okinawa.

However, U.S. & Japan both government don't make any better  sollution.

So, we just pray that they don't crush in a residential area...