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MV-22 Osprey crushed in Nago, Okinawa.

In the night of 13th December.  MV-22 Osprey of USMC crushed in a quiet & small village of Abu. Abu is a part of Nago-city but Abu locate on the east coast of Nago. Abu is close to Henoko where usually the tourist or even Okinawa people don't stop at this village. It's a kind of mysterious place. There is a tiny island call "All-jima" where no people but goats. This "All-jima" is sacred site for local people.
Anyway, 5 passengers of Osprey were rescued & two of them were injured is the information from USMC.
Osprey is an air craft which is the most being scared one by Okinawa people. Because of it's high percentage of accident that is why Osprey has an another name as"Widow Maker".
Osprey crushed on the reef where is about a half mile from the village.
From the beginning, the deployment of MV-22 Osprey was denied by people of Okinawa and local leaders of all Okinawa also requested to not deploy the Osprey.
In this situation, the accid…