In southern Japan there is an island called Okinawa. Ryukyu is the previous name of this island before the Japanese invaded in the 17th century.

During World War Ⅱ, Okinawa was sacrificed to protect the Japanese mainland. At that time, the majority Okinawans were Japanised in an education system, forcefully taught a loyalty to Japanese Emperor. In 1945 the U.S. brutally invaded Okinawa — the ”Storm of Iron" — and took the lives of 1 out of 4 Okinawan people.

From 1945 to 1972, the island was ruled by the US Military government. Okinawa became a lawless area. In 1972, the island was returned to Japanese hands.

In July, 2014, both the Japanese and US governments started the construction of a new U.S. military base to have a new base in Henoko, although 20% of the island is already occupied by US Bases. Henoko is the site of beautiful Oura bay. The government plans to landfill Oura bay, an area of unusual of marine bio-diversity where endangered species live.

In June, 2015 opinion poll shows that 80% of Okinawan people oppose the construction of the base. In protest, the people have built a permanent community of tents in front of Camp Schwab, a US Marine Corps base, and we are there every day around the clock. Opposition includes the prefectural government of Okinawa and many national and local representatives in Okinawa are our side.

On 13th、October, 2015
A governor of Okinawa revoked a permission of reclamation which was signed by Previous governor.

The dispute over the new U.S.base's construction in Henoko between Tokyo & Okinawa is set to develop into a court battle.

4th March, 2016
the government of Japan and the Okinawa prefectural government reached a settle ment for lawsuits filed over the plan move U.S.Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko.

At the moment, All constructions in Henoko has stopped.
Until the Japanese Government violently restart again.

11th July 2016
While the Henoko is stop, Japanese government suddenly re-started TAKAE helipads Construction.
More than 500 riot police has been sent from main land.
Beautiful Rain forest's village has become a chaotic situation.

February 2017
Henoko construction has restarted.
Land Fill has also started. the Government plans to complete in 5 years. However, the Protectors at Henoko keep fighting to protect the bay. As well as a Governor of Okinawa and Mayor of Nago city have power to not being complete the construction.
Next year, January and November, there are elections for both mayor and governor. It's going to be a key for Henoko.

The determined people won't give up.

This blog is to spread the message and to tell the story of our non-violent daily action.


The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

On December 1944, Underground Headquarters was completed by 3000 Japanese soldiers.
It was hidden built, so civilian couldn't get close to the area.

This underground Headquarters has 450m long with at least 8 rooms include a room for commanding officer.

This picture below the room was used for operational planning  . 
The man who sit on a chair is Minoru Ohta Vice Admiral.

The picture below is commanding officer's room.

the picture below is Sally Forth Scene.
Most of the naval personnel left the cave at this exit to make the final stand against American soldiers even though they were not properly armed to fight.

Petty Officer's room.
When the battle was getting intensified 4000 soldiers were staying. There-fore, soldiers had to sleep with standing.

Medical Treatment room.
Survivors of the battle remember seeing numerous casualties in this area, so it is likely that this was the tunnel medical facility.

Passages are used for resting.

Tunnel construction.

A Pick for making tunnel.

A passage now.

"Wall riddled with a hand grenade" when committed suicide.

Minoru Ohta Vice Admiral wrote a telegram to the Under Secretary of the Navy before committed suicide.

"Please convey the following telegram to the Vice-Admiral.
While the Governor should be the person to relay this report on the present condition of the Okinawa prefectural inhabitants, he has no available means of communication and the 32nd Division Headquarters appears to be thoroughly occupied with their own correspondences. However, due to the critical situations we are in, I feel compelled to make this urgent report though it is without the Governor's consent.
Since the enemy attack began, our Army and Navy has been fighting defensive battles and have not been able to tend to the people of the Prefecture. Consequently, due to our negligence, these innocent people have lost their homes and property to enemy assault. Every man has been conscripted to partake in the defense, while women, children and elders are forced into hiding in the small underground shelters which are not tactically important or are exposed to shelling, air raids or the harsh elements of nature. Moreover, girls have devoted themselves to nursing and cooking for the soldiers and have gone as far as to volunteer in carrying ammunition, or join in attacking the enemy.
This leaves the village people vulnerable to enemy attacks where they will surely be killed. In desperation, some parents have asked the military to protect their daughters against rape by the enemy, prepared that they may never see them again.

Nurses, with wounded soldiers, wander aimlessly because the medical team had moved and left them behind. The military has changed its operation, ordering people to move to far residential areas, however, those without means of transportation trudge along on foot in the dark and rain, all the while looking for food to stay alive.
Ever since our Army and Navy occupied Okinawa, the inhabitants of the Prefecture have been forced into military service and hard labor, while sacrificing everything they own as well as the lives of their loved ones. They have served with loyalty. Now we are nearing the end of the battle, but they will go unrecognized, unrewarded. Seeing this, I feel deeply depressed and lament a loss of words for them. Every tree, every plant life is gone.

Even the weeds are burnt. By the end of June, there will be no more food. This is how the Okinawan people have fought the war. And for this reason, I ask that you give the Okinawan people special consideration, this day forward".


Pictures from Okinawa on June 2016

I want to dive into the water, but it's about 30 meters high... Don't make wrong choice...
This is at Yomitan Village, cape Zanpa.

Another view of cape Zanpa.

Farmers are working at their farms. These farms are surrounded by Kadena air base & Oil storage U.S. army base.

Kadena Air Base has been leaking  several different kinds of pollutant in to soil & river.
Don't you think foods are also contaminated ? I know many people evacuated from Fukushima area. However, I founded out that Okinawa is so contaminated by U.S. military presence.

This farm is completely inside of the U.S. base. Farmers has a permission ID to go into a gate.
The land is owned by farmers but Japanese government forcibly rent the land from farmers and give to U.S. military for free.
These farms can be taken away whenever U.S. military needs to use the land.

Concrete roof top is a Okinawan tomb. Over 71 years family members cannot visit any time.

Satellite communication of U.S. military. It's absolutely important for U.S. These ball shaped Satellites are all around world in U.S. bases.

This road is route 58. The biggest National road in Okinawa. For some parts, both side are fenced.

Those red polls are for U.S. military aircraft to land. Just next to route 58.

At Chatan town. Kinder garden's kids walking in a park. I don't know that Kinder garden is in a base or outside of base.

Famous picture of Futenma Air Base at Ginowan city. It's a right middle of city. Picture is from Kakazu hill.

19th June, 65000 people were gathered at Naha to commemorate Rina Shimabukuro and also protest and demand to withdraw all U.S. Marine corps from Okinawa.


Henoko Today

   Today is 709th day, It's been almost 2 years since we started to sit in at Camp Schwab.
 Yellow Line, Since Okinawan woman was killed by U.S. military worker, we've been stopping all Y number vehicles(Military workers) and military vehicles.
 24 hours on the road of Okinawa, you can see military vehicles, and often they make accidents.
                   Many elders are retired school teachers. Many of them come everyday.
 This is a Security man for U.S. base. And Carrying a gun. He is a Japanese ordinary man. It is illegal to have a gun in Japan even as a security guard but in side the base is not Japan so....
             Says, "Welcome to Camp Schwab Home of the USMC & III MEF's Striking Power"
                                       Says, "Protect What You've Earned"
                                             Hula dancers visited Henoko.


ヨーロッパに沖縄の今を伝え歩く 1/30 - 2/15

  辺野古新基地建設阻止の声を広げ、連帯の輪を結ぶためにVoices For Creative Non-Violenceの Maya女史が沖縄の米軍問題の実情を伝えるために、イギリス、ドイツ、ポーランドと三カ国を巡る沖縄問題Speaking Tourを企画、準備してくださいました。
難民の大量流入でヨーロッパ社会全体が難民や多文化、他宗教に対し差別的、排除的、攻撃的になり、また何時起こると知れないテロの恐怖も加わり、政治も右傾化が進むヨーロッパに沖縄の非暴力の闘いの意義を伝え、連帯を訴え、双方の世界がより良い方向に向かう事を願い、今回の沖縄Speaking Tourの参加を決心しました。
ステュットゥガートはアフリカの全軍事作戦司令部のAfricom(アフリコム)とヨーロッパ全軍事作戦司令部の Eucom(ユウコム)という重要な基地があります。
War Resistance(反戦グループ)の事務所では様々な反戦デモ等をオーガナイズされていて6月10日から12日までPeace Campをするのでどうして沖縄と連携させるかが話し合われました。お互いの現場を訪れたり、情報の共有を進めたり、ビデオでメッセージフィルムを作りお互いに励ましあおう等の案が出ました。
話し合っていた中の若い男性と彼のパートナーが今夏沖縄に来たいと気持ちを起こしてくれました。今夏は台湾でも“島々の連帯を結ぶPeace Camp”が開催されるのでそれと絡めて来沖したいとの事でした。
今回のイギリス、ドイツ、ポーランドの沖縄Speaking Tourで感じたことは、やはり沖縄の現在の辺野古新基地反対の運動は世界的に見ても稀有の運動だという事でした。世界最強の米軍基地の門前にテントを張って、連日ゲート前に座り込みをするような民衆の力は今のヨーロッパには無いように見えました。(中南米はそういった意味ですごい)そういった意味で沖縄の“風”がヨーロッパをはじめとする世界の米軍基地を抱え苦しんでいる人々に届くような連絡体制や繋がりを形成していく事が沖縄のみならず、世界から軍事支配の恐怖を無くすのに大きな役割があると思いました。


Inter-faith Gathering for abolishing security law & Stop revising the constitution for the worse

31st, May, Ginza, Tokyo

Over 300 religious men & women gathered at Tsukiji Honganji temple and marched city center about one hour to call to people to take more action towards political issues.

It was a quite outstanding event.
Buddhist, Christian, Shinto & Muslim gathered at once.
And also Political leaders from 4 different parties came to show their solidarity.


 Many people stopped and looking, what's going on? Never seen this numbers of monks walking.

Sound of beating drums echos in the concrete jungle

Members of 4 opposition parties

                                        A Muslim man joined & gave a speech.


We, the Japanese people, acting through our duly elected representatives in the National Diet, determined that we shall secure for ourselves and our posterity the fruits of peaceful cooperation with all nations and the blessings of liberty throughout this land, and resolved that never again shall we be visited with the horrors of war through the action of government, do proclaim that sovereign power resides with the people and do firmly establish this Constitution. 

Government is a sacred trust of the people, the authority for which is derived from the people, the powers of which are exercised by the representatives of the people, and the benefits of which are enjoyed by the people. 
This is a universal principle of mankind upon which this Constitution is founded. We reject and revoke all constitutions, laws, ordinances, and rescripts in conflict herewith.
 We, the Japanese people, desire peace for all time and are deeply conscious of the high ideals controlling human relationship, and we have determined to preserve our security and existence, trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world. 
We desire to occupy an honored place in an international society striving for the preservation of peace, and the banishment of tyranny and slavery, oppression and intolerance for all time from the earth. We recognize that all peoples of the world have the right to live in peace, free from fear and want.
We believe that no nation is responsible to itself alone, but that laws of political morality are universal; and that obedience to such laws is incumbent upon all nations who would sustain their own sovereignty and justify their sovereign relationship with other nations.
   We, the Japanese people, pledge our national honor to accomplish these high ideals and purposes with all our resources.