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The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

On December 1944, Underground Headquarters was completed by 3000 Japanese soldiers. It was hidden built, so civilian couldn't get close to the area.
This underground Headquarters has 450m long with at least 8 rooms include a room for commanding officer.
This picture below the room was used for operational planning  .  The man who sit on a chair is Minoru Ohta Vice Admiral.

The picture below is commanding officer's room.
the picture below is Sally Forth Scene. Most of the naval personnel left the cave at this exit to make the final stand against American soldiers even though they were not properly armed to fight.

Petty Officer's room. When the battle was getting intensified 4000 soldiers were staying. There-fore, soldiers had to sleep with standing. . 
Medical Treatment room. Survivors of the battle remember seeing numerous casualties in this area, so it is likely that this was the tunnel medical facility.

Passages Passages are used for resting.
Tunnel construction.

A Pick…

Pictures from Okinawa on June 2016

I want to dive into the water, but it's about 30 meters high... Don't make wrong choice... This is at Yomitan Village, cape Zanpa.

Another view of cape Zanpa.

Farmers are working at their farms. These farms are surrounded by Kadena air base & Oil storage U.S. army base.

Kadena Air Base has been leaking  several different kinds of pollutant in to soil & river.
Don't you think foods are also contaminated ? I know many people evacuated from Fukushima area. However, I founded out that Okinawa is so contaminated by U.S. military presence.

This farm is completely inside of the U.S. base. Farmers has a permission ID to go into a gate.
The land is owned by farmers but Japanese government forcibly rent the land from farmers and give to U.S. military for free.
These farms can be taken away whenever U.S. military needs to use the land.

Concrete roof top is a Okinawan tomb. Over 71 years family members cannot visit any time.

Satellite communication of U.S. military. It's …

Henoko Today

Today is 709th day, It's been almost 2 years since we started to sit in at Camp Schwab.
 Yellow Line, Since Okinawan woman was killed by U.S. military worker, we've been stopping all Y number vehicles(Military workers) and military vehicles.
 24 hours on the road of Okinawa, you can see military vehicles, and often they make accidents.
                   Many elders are retired school teachers. Many of them come everyday.
 This is a Security man for U.S. base. And Carrying a gun. He is a Japanese ordinary man. It is illegal to have a gun in Japan even as a security guard but in side the base is not Japan so....
             Says, "Welcome to Camp Schwab Home of the USMC & III MEF's Striking Power"
                                       Says, "Protect What You've Earned"
                                             Hula dancers visited Henoko.

ヨーロッパに沖縄の今を伝え歩く 1/30 - 2/15

辺野古新基地建設阻止の声を広げ、連帯の輪を結ぶためにVoices For Creative Non-Violenceの Maya女史が沖縄の米軍問題の実情を伝えるために、イギリス、ドイツ、ポーランドと三カ国を巡る沖縄問題Speaking Tourを企画、準備してくださいました。
難民の大量流入でヨーロッパ社会全体が難民や多文化、他宗教に対し差別的、排除的、攻撃的になり、また何時起こると知れないテロの恐怖も加わり、政治も右傾化が進むヨーロッパに沖縄の非暴力の闘いの意義を伝え、連帯を訴え、双方の世界がより良い方向に向かう事を願い、今回の沖縄Speaking Tourの参加を決心しました。

Inter-faith Gathering for abolishing security law & Stop revising the constitution for the worse

31st, May, Ginza, Tokyo
Over 300 religious men & women gathered at Tsukiji Honganji temple and marched city center about one hour to call to people to take more action towards political issues.
It was a quite outstanding event. Buddhist, Christian, Shinto & Muslim gathered at once. And also Political leaders from 4 different parties came to show their solidarity.

 Many people stopped and looking, what's going on? Never seen this numbers of monks walking.

Sound of beating drums echos in the concrete jungle
Members of 4 opposition parties

                                        A Muslim man joined & gave a speech.

We, the Japanese people, acting through our duly elected representatives in the National Diet, determined that we shall secure for ourselves and our posterity the fruits of peaceful cooperation with all nations and the blessings of liberty throughout this land, and resolved thatnever again shall we be visited with the horrors of war thr…