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TAISEI CORPORATION ( Contractor of New US Base)

Yesterday, there was a study meeting about Taisei Kensetsu (a construction company) who is a contractor of reclamation project for about 160ha at Oura bay & 45ha on the land.

We learned their history of starting a company as selling guns and supply for soldiers on 1867. Since then, this cooperation grew together with Japan. During Japanese occupation around Asian countries, this company sent a lot of workers to the front.

During the US occupation in Japan, most of US camps are constructed by Taisei Kensetsu cooperation from 1946.
And, this company has been here in Okinawa for long time now. They have been growing with big constructions in Okinawa like US Bases from 1949.

And Ikata, Sendai, Takahama Nuclear Power Stations were built by Taisei Kensetsu, and these 3 power stations some how restarted earlier that other reactors. We suspect that because of Taisei Kensetsu's strong connection with Japanese Government. And another fact is that, there is a son of the Chief Cabinet Sec…

24th Feb, 500 People Stopped Construction Today !!

Wednesday morning, 500 hundreds people gathered at Camp Schwab. No way for Police to remove this number of people. Construction vehicles were not coming today.

              If we have this amount of people everyday, Construction won't be completed.

                 Early morning 6 am. Riot police arrive and go into the Camp Schwab.

Almost 600 days. 500

2nd Feb News from Okinawa

The mayor of Nago-city urges in front of the Camp Schwab US Marines Base that He has an administrative power to stop the construction.

                   A Delegation from Taiwan shows their solidarity with Okinawa people.
     A some of them are indigenous people of Taiwan. They are from Ran-Yui island where is a          dumping site for radioactive waste from Nuclear Power Stations of Taiwan.

                   They are going to show the movie about Ran-Yui island this afternoon.

Onaga Administration’s 2016 objectives include not allowing construction of new bases Governor Onaga presenting his administration’s 2016 objectives to the Prefectural Assembly on the morning of February 16.
February 16, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo At a regular meeting of the Prefectural Assembly on February 16, Governor Takeshi Onaga presented his administration’s 2016 objectives. He also spoke about the Henoko landfill permit authorized by the previous administration, saying that he withdrew the landfill permit b…