TAISEI CORPORATION ( Contractor of New US Base)

Yesterday, there was a study meeting about Taisei Kensetsu (a construction company) who is a contractor of reclamation project for about 160ha at Oura bay & 45ha on the land.

We learned their history of starting a company as selling guns and supply for soldiers on 1867. Since then, this cooperation grew together with Japan. During Japanese occupation around Asian countries, this company sent a lot of workers to the front.

During the US occupation in Japan, most of US camps are constructed by Taisei Kensetsu cooperation from 1946.
And, this company has been here in Okinawa for long time now. They have been growing with big constructions in Okinawa like US Bases from 1949.

And Ikata, Sendai, Takahama Nuclear Power Stations were built by Taisei Kensetsu, and these 3 power stations some how restarted earlier that other reactors. We suspect that because of Taisei Kensetsu's strong connection with Japanese Government. And another fact is that, there is a son of the Chief Cabinet Secretary works in Taisei Kensetsu.

And President of Taisei Kensetsu visited many countries with Prime Minister Abe last few years.

http://www.taisei.co.jp/english/index.html  (Website of Taisei Corporation)

32 Airports in Japan, 7 Airports out side of Japan

a lot of working, all the time, try to create jobs.

Police, Why they help construction. 

600 days of Sit-in at Camp Schwab.


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