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Blocking the US Marines Gate with 1400 Blocks.

How amazingly a Non-violent struggle in Henoko has been a success to close 2 days a week. People started to pile the concrete blocks in front of the gate for stopping the construction vehicles.

                        A friend from US arrived yesterday to join the Henoko sit-in.
                   We appreciate people from outside of Japan come and join this struggle.
                        We hope that more & more foreign friends come and join us.

Finally, Henoko is becoming an artistic. We started to paint on concrete blocks. Please come & paint a block for peace.

Mayor Election Ginowan.

Election in Ginowan city, okinawa gave us a big damage.
There were 2 candidates of its election.
Present mayor, Atsushi Sakima and Keiichiro Shimura challenged.
Present mayor was supported by Japanese government (LDP&KOMEITO)
And Mr. Shimura was supported by All Okinawa Council (people who suppport Govenor Onaga for a stop new base)

Present mayor has been close to Japanese government. At a last election Mr. Sakima did express that Futenma Airbase relocate not inside of Okinawa as his campaign promises.
However in the election on this year, He never spoke the word of Henoko.

Mr.Shimura was keep saying to the people that "We don't let relocate Futenma Airbase to Henoko.

Mr.Shimura was unable to accomplish to become a

news paper news - mayor.

The central government-backed incumbent Atsushi Sakima clinched a second term in the Ginowan mayoral election on Jan. 24, defeating the only rival candidate supported by Ok…

Historical Action stops US Base construction.

On Thursday 21st Jan, At the camp Schwab more than 400 people gathered for stopping Henoko New Base.

From last year, we have been stopping the construction vehicles on Wednesday.
From last week, we gather hundreds of people on Thursday,too.

It's a historical day that we made construction to stop 2 days a week.
We know that Japanese & US governments in a trouble.

How people protest at camp Schwab. Kachaasee is a Okinawa style Dancing. When Okinawa people have a cerebration, they dance.

Henoko fishing port. We don't want to see military runways & navy port at this peaceful sight.

Islands of an beauty and a sorrow for a peace

End of the battle of Okinawa, Southern point of an island of Okinawa. It means, a last spot where the battle of Okinawa ended and from this cliff, people jumped to the death lather than captured by US soldiers.
People of Okinawa or even all Japanese people were taught by a government and Military that if you were captured by US soldiers, You'd be tortured and slaughtered or if you are woman you'd be raped and murdered. That is why, Civilians or even Japanese soldiers choose to kill themselves.
How beautiful ocean today...

Ginowan (Futenma) Election for a Mayor.

Camp Futenma Marine Corps. ( It cannot be called an Air Base, because it's violating a Civil Aeronautics Law of Japan)  
As you see a location of this Base is right in a middle of the city of Ginowan. Unbelievably, It's been here for almost 7 decades.  Right after the US took the land away after    1945.                                                                                                                     
Now, City of Ginowan is taking an election campaign for the new Mayor. Election date is 24th Jan. This election has a big meaning for Henoko New Base. Because, Present mayor doesn't oppose to move relocate Futenma Base to Henoko.
A new candidates express that we don't need a relocation to Henoko. 
Japanese government puts lots of pressure and weight to Ginowan election. Because if they lost this election, Henoko New Base will be an impossible. Why? Because the will of the people is so obvious that WE DON'T WANT US BASES !! ANY MORE !!��������������…

Henoko Daily Acrion started again.

7th January 2016

where the world goes in this chaotic situation all around the world.
Middle East, Europe and Easr Asia, Africa, or Centarl America

In Okinawa, Japan. still people are not killed by international terrorism.
no bombs, no gun shootings.

Is this called a "peace" ?  I say, we don't feel a scare of being killed in a daily life.

This morning, the construction vehicles went into the base, a first time of this year.

Yesterday was Wednesday, every Wednesday is a day when the hundreds people gather. there-fore yesterday a few hundreds of people gathered. and no construction vehicles showed up.

All Okinawa council decided to make 2 days a week from 1 day a week from next week.

So, from next week, 2 days in a week, the construction vehicles cannot go inside.

                                                 550 days of daily action
                                                 6 a.m. at Camp Schwab.
                                             Riot police, ready to…