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Miyako Island (Okinawa) New Japanese Army base for Missile Defense Construction started

Miyako-Island is even more south from Okinawa. We took air plane from Naha(Okinawa's capital) to Miyako and took about a hour.
Miyako-island is a part of Okinawa. Historically. Miyako has a bit unique culture and language compare to main island of Okinawa. By that reason, Miyako people have been even more exploitated and discriminated by Japan & Okinawa.
Small island like Miyako is often disregarded by its own nation.
There are new Japanese military bases plans are going on around Okinawa Islads,
Japanese government is positioning Chaina as a potencial enermy. However, to keep out China from Pacific region is probably an order from U.S.A to Japan.
I heared one theory from Okinawan Congress man.
He said, the USA has no plan to have a with China. China and USA is so much tied economically. So what USA wants is to keep Taiwan separated from China. For that reason USA asks Japan to builds the Japanese military bases around Okinawa islands. Using Japanese Force to face China.