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Native Nations Rise Up !! (Report from U.S.A.)

5 people from Okinawa came for a peace walk for Native American. University Students from Okinawa who are age of early 20th joinned a Peace Walk called Water Walk for Life which walks beside a proposed route for a oil pipeline where it go through on or under sacred site for Indigenous people called Ramapough-Lenaape.

When I compare peace movement or social justice movement between Japan and USA, I see many spiritual or religious people at front-line of the movements in USA but I rarely see in Japan.

What is a significance of NoDAPL movement is a changing the consciousness of people that protest to protect.

By occupy wall street, many people as well as youth people were awaken and stood up for their right and future.

I see the occupy wall street was as more political movement.

However, NoDAPL movement which was led by Indigenous people was more spiritual movement.

Their highest priority is Prayer.
and Respect whoever they are with compassionate behavior. Because we are one family of t…