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Takae, Deep Rain Forest occupied by U.S. Marine Corps

While Henoko's struggle has been stopped by the civil movement, Another proposed site for new 6 helipads in a Rain Forest(Yanbaru) at most northern area of Okinawa.

Takae's sit in started from 2007.
When SACO agreement has made by Japanese & U.S. government in 1996.
Takae ward of Higashi village & Kunigami village have 7800 hector  U.S. Warfare Jungle Training Center. This Yanbaru forest holds thousand of kinds of different life. 60% of water supply for Okinawa people is here in this forest.

How the human kind survive on this mother earth while we hurt our mother. Awake Humans, other wise we have to be extincted from this planet.
Nature is always there, even we destroy them. When we destroy nature up to a certain limit, we are not be able to survive on this earth. Human totally depends on the nature. Another  perspective is that we are the nature. The nature will keep the "Balance" of the nature itself. Don't forget to pray and owe and appreciation, so we…

Cruel Reality of Fukushima after 5 years.

Peace Walk from Sendai city (Miyagi pref.) to Fukushima.
It’s been 5 years since massive earth quake with enormous Tsunami hit North East Japan. And 4 Nuclear reactors exploded. We still wish that it was a just dream that Nuclear reactors explosions.
It’s been a lot of time for an infrastructure to recover. And there are still thousands of trucks and construction vehicles are around this area. Many people are wondering that this massive new infrastructure is a good way to recover. I mean hundreds km of breakwater divides humans and the sea.

Volunteer workers are now required not only physical works but more mental support for people who lost their houses and family or who evacuated from radiation.
We visited a community center called “platform” where people come and share the information. This platform is located in Odaka ward, Minami-soma city, less than 20km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. This Odaka ward is a “zone in preparation for the lifting of the ev…

私が見た福島の現実 In Japanese

This is an article about Fukushima. English version will be coming soon.

命の行進2016 -震災から5年、仙台から福島まで歩いて-
今回、仙台市から海岸に出て、津波にあった海岸沿いを、慰霊の想いを込めて歩きました。 私は2013‘15’16年に東北を歩くご縁を頂きました。

また、何kmもずーっと続く堤防はこちらから海を見ることができなくなってしまい、海と人間が遮断されてしまった様な、異様な感じを受けました。 ボランティア活動も体を使う片付けなどから今は、日常生活面でのサポートと精神面でのサポートが必要とされています。 相馬市にあるカトリックが運営するカリタスジャパン原町ベースに泊めて頂いた時に伺った話では、ボランティアとしては今、保育園の送迎と南相馬市に最近できた「プラットフォーム」と呼ばれている、寄り合いの場、情報交換の場の運営のサポートをされているという事でした。南相馬市は三区に分かれていて、一番南に在る小高区は原発事故によって事故後20km圏内になるので立ち入りを制限され、人が住めない場所に指定されました。

Okinawa Speaking Tour in the UK, Germany and Poland, 1/30 – 2/15, 2016

at London University SOAS

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo 
Okinawa Speaking Tour in the UK, Germany and Poland, 1/30 – 2/15, 2016   For stopping expansion of US Marine Corps Base on beautiful biodiversity Oura bay at Henoko, Nago-city, Okinawa, Japan, Ms. E. (Voices for Creative Non-Violence.UK) organised our speaking tour about Okinawa in the UK, Germany, Poland. These countries also have US Bases & Facilities. So, this speaking tour aims for sharing information and ideas. As well as promoting mutual solidarity.
More than a million refugees are entering to Europe. However people in Europe don’t always show tolerance for refugees. And terrorist attack increases more fear and doubt towards other cultures and religion. Accordingly, European politic is leaning to the right. So, another aim of this speaking tour is that telling and showing an importance of Non-Violent way for resolving any problems.

The UK
 This European tour was financially supported by LUSH, a UK based company, and we were al…


3. May is day of “Sanshin”.
“Sanshin” is a  Okinawa traditional musical instrument.