Takae, Deep Rain Forest occupied by U.S. Marine Corps

While Henoko's struggle has been stopped by the civil movement, Another proposed site for new 6 helipads in a Rain Forest(Yanbaru) at most northern area of Okinawa.

Takae's sit in started from 2007.
When SACO agreement has made by Japanese & U.S. government in 1996.
Takae ward of Higashi village & Kunigami village have 7800 hector  U.S. Warfare Jungle Training Center. This Yanbaru forest holds thousand of kinds of different life. 60% of water supply for Okinawa people is here in this forest.

How the human kind survive on this mother earth while we hurt our mother.
Awake Humans, other wise we have to be extincted from this planet.

Nature is always there, even we destroy them.
When we destroy nature up to a certain limit, we are not be able to survive on this earth.
Human totally depends on the nature. Another  perspective is that we are the nature.
The nature will keep the "Balance" of the nature itself.
Don't forget to pray and owe and appreciation, so we won't forget who we are. And what is important.



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