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Re-Stared Henoko Reclamation for U.S. Marine Corp New Base.

Super Fast JPCG Boat protects U.S. Marine Corps New Base Construction.
JPCG Jumped into our Boat for Restriction.

Huge Drilling Survey Ship Entered in Oura Bay. JPCG Tell us to Keep Away from the Area.
Poseidon 1 Started to Drill at Oura Bay.
  Hundreds of Protectors Try to Stop the Enter for Construction Vehicles & Workers.
This Day, Police took 3 hours to Open the Gate.
This Day, Dozen of Vehicles Had to Wait for 3 hours until Police Remove all People. A Buddhist Monk lifted by Polices to Open the Gate.

This Time I Use An Article From Ryukyushimpo. Editorial: Henoko Construction Will Cause Irreparable Damage To The Sea Environment; Prefectural Government Must Take Action February 7, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

The government has started work in the ocean for the new Henoko base in preparation for large-scale land reclamation.
This outrageous behavior tramples on Okinawans’ overwhelming opposition to the construction, expressed in countless elections and opinion polls, and invites anger. Prior …