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Why Nago city elected a new mayor who is promoting Henoko New Base.

After a Mayor of Nago changed, everyone who want to stop Henoko U.S. new base construction dissapointed.

Because last 8 years people chose Mr Inamine who strongly oppose the New Base construction.

The new mayor was suppotred by Japanese government (LDP).
When the election time, He Mr. Togucihi never mentioned about Henoko.
It was a strategy to not talk about base issue. but only economy matter.

Because of tirering of base issue for Nago people.
People did wanted to hear something but no Base issue.

Japanese gov. put 120% power to make Mr. Toguchi win.

An hundred of the members of the national diet came to Nago.
To give a presure to companies, hospitals, post offices, religious groups etc...

I need to mention that under age of 50's voted for Mr. Toguchi.
Over 60's voted for Inamine.

It shows that people who know the war time chose Inamine.
And also people who see the news and get infomations by smart phone, internet chose Mr Tog…