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L-Shaped Concrete Blocks carried into the Base


Raising a Consciousness of people. Why No Base.

1.4 million population in Okinawa.
a few hundreds of people at the gate of Camp Schwab to stop Henoko New Base everyday.

Majority people in Okinawa know about Henoko.

But most of people don't know a connection between US Bases in Okinawa & Victims in Middle East countries.

People come to Henoko to stop the war. not to stop just a construction.

I see the people who stands in side of a fence, Their hands are bloodstained.

People need more imagination.
Veterans for Peace. Thank you very much for their dedication. They had many different meetings with different people.
Our action should not only among us, but with all kinds of people. The VFP members also joined in the demonstrations and sit-ins in front of the new Camp Schwab gate. Tarak Kauff, a VFP board member, expressed enthusiastic support for the protesters. He drew on his experience of solidarity with movements in Great Britain and South Korea. Kauff said that the opposition movement here at Henoko has international signif…

Buddhist Monks Dedicate to Stop U.S Military Base Construction.

Now, Henoko Struggle became much stronger. Buddhist Monks from all around Japan join Henoko Struggle.
 A Nun was born in Korea where is North Korea now. Her Father was killed by local people. Because, People had a lot of anger for Japanese Occupation.
She told to the Police and the Security Guards that under ground where we are standing, Our ancestor is sleeping, Some of them were died because of war.

We see the Faces of Police every morning.
We know they don't like their job personally.
We see that police is suffering in side of their mind, or trying to kill their emotion.

Why they have to suppress people. This is a structural violence by the government.

How we can change this fallen structure.

Now, monks who believe and live on Non-Violence means are at Henoko Struggle !!

Veterans For Peace joined to sit in at a gate of Camp Schwab.

Still in a darkness of New Moon at 6 a.m. 12 members of VFP gathered at right in front of a gate of Camp Schwab.
A One old veteran told people that he was stationed at Camp Schwab 55 years ago. A young veteran said he joined Iraq War. He was believing that Military Force could bring a Peace. but In consequence, Military brought endless chaos to the Middle East.
They visited Jeju island of South Korea before coming to Okinawa. US and its Military Alliances building new bases to surround China & Russia.

VFP joined the sit in at construction vehicles gate, Facing to riot polices.

Police makes temporary jail by using their vehicles and fence, Puts people in it and being placed in confinement. Everyday, construction vehicles go into the Base. People are mortified about not be able to stop.

521 Days, What is Nation ?

Japanese Police and US Marine Corps talking with a smile from other side of the fence. Do we pay Tax for the Police?  Why the Japanese Police work for US Marine Corps? by Living in Okinawa what I can see is a strong will of Japanese government. Last year, Main issue of all big elections in Okinawa was Henoko New Base. And, All candidates who oppose Henoko New Base won. In opinion poll, almost 80% of Okinawans oppose. And, 70% of Okinawans agree with a governor Onaga of his struggle against Japanese government.

Oura Bay 7000 Years Old Coral