Raising a Consciousness of people. Why No Base.

1.4 million population in Okinawa.
a few hundreds of people at the gate of Camp Schwab to stop Henoko New Base everyday.

Majority people in Okinawa know about Henoko.

But most of people don't know a connection between US Bases in Okinawa & Victims in Middle East countries.

People come to Henoko to stop the war. not to stop just a construction.

I see the people who stands in side of a fence, Their hands are bloodstained.

People need more imagination.
Veterans for Peace. Thank you very much for their dedication.
They had many different meetings with different people.

Our action should not only among us, but with all kinds of people.
The VFP members also joined in the demonstrations and sit-ins in front of the new Camp Schwab gate. Tarak Kauff, a VFP board member, expressed enthusiastic support for the protesters. He drew on his experience of solidarity with movements in Great Britain and South Korea. Kauff said that the opposition movement here at Henoko has international significance and there are people all over the world fighting the same fight. He went to on to say that he will continue fighting together with all of the protesting citizens.
When the VFP members joined the early morning sit-in protests, the riot police exhibited caution, agreeing to remove the Japanese protesters first and the foreign protesters after.
On December 11, at around 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., a total of around twenty construction vehicles entered the grounds of Camp Schwab, including thirteen cement mixer trucks and dump trucks carrying gravel.
No obvious construction work was observed that day at sea in Oura Bay. Four protest boats and thirteen protest canoes took to the sea to protest the construction.


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