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Take Back Kadena Air Force Base.

The most powerful base in Okinawa is Kadena Air Force Base(AFB). Kadena AFB has two runways with ammunition depot area.  This base is much bigger than Narita Tokyo Air Port.
While Henoko's construction is stopping, people start to eliminate all U.S. bases in Okinawa.
After the WW 2, U.S. Military took over this ex-Japanese Military runway. And Expanded the function of the base. From Korean war and Vietnam war, also up to now. This base has been used for the war of U.S. Many accidents are happening all the time. Because, Okinawa is very small island, so all air crafts fly upon the public road and cities and towns.
As well as Noise and contamination to people and environment.
Today was a first day of Kadena Action in front of Kadena AFB. It was a remarkable day for us and U.S. Many soldiers misunderstand Okinawa people's hearts. Okinawa people are nice to U.S. people, so many soldiers think that they are welcomed but that is not true.  People are so suffering that from this bas…

Pictures from Ryukyu......

Joined the hands at the front of Camp schwab gate. In a rain, people sing & dance.
Our strong & respected elders of Okinawa & Japan.                                  Sometime, young ones also show up at the gate.
                                  Marvelous creature in a Yanbaru rain forest.
                                          Standing with a great dignity, I say...
 Human's Sit, This is a pineapple farm. all Red soil flow into the sea. And Corals dies...
             Everyday, people come to join "Sit in" at Takae where the Yambaru forest is.
                      Spring started in Yambaru forest. Beautiful smell is carried by winds.
Are you feeling anger? By seeing those people, I say, I feel deep sadness for them. The Humans forgot how we were born into this world & forgot why you were born on this mother earth....
Let's work together to remember and remind the all people who forgot !!!

Finally, Blocking a Headquarter of U.S. Military Base in Okinawa

6th April Around one thousand people gathered & blocked a gate of U.S.Marines H.Q. Camp Foster. Okinawa People are angry for U.S. military's an abuse of power.
Camp Foster has Headquarter office, Soldier's & Family's housings, Primary & Junior high & high school, Fire station, Post office, Bank, Church, Supermarket, Cinema, Bowling alley & more amusement facilities. Everything you need in your daily life is here. 

60 to 70 % are over 60's people. Their hearts are strong.

Suddenly, people started to close a gate. Police and securities couldn't do any.

What is this fence? What is divided by this? Why people over there have to cover their faces?

Japanese Police, Japanese security guards and other authorities. Why they stay other side? All public servants are paid by tax, so how come they stay in U.S. military base?

U.S. & Japanese Flag watching down the people.

I don't know what is in his mind... @ Henoko

Always there are some U.S. officers to…