Finally, Blocking a Headquarter of U.S. Military Base in Okinawa

6th April
Around one thousand people gathered & blocked a gate of U.S.Marines H.Q. Camp Foster.
Okinawa People are angry for U.S. military's an abuse of power.

Camp Foster has Headquarter office, Soldier's & Family's housings, Primary & Junior high & high school, Fire station, Post office, Bank, Church, Supermarket, Cinema, Bowling alley & more amusement facilities. Everything you need in your daily life is here. 

60 to 70 % are over 60's people.
Their hearts are strong.

Suddenly, people started to close a gate. Police and securities couldn't do any.

What is this fence? What is divided by this? Why people over there have to cover their faces?

Japanese Police, Japanese security guards and other authorities. Why they stay other side?
All public servants are paid by tax, so how come they stay in U.S. military base?

U.S. & Japanese Flag watching down the people.

I don't know what is in his mind... @ Henoko

Always there are some U.S. officers to check the protest. @ Henoko

Tanks drive public road is everyday's view. War has never ended on this island since 1945...
                                                            @ Henoko


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