Take Back Kadena Air Force Base.

The most powerful base in Okinawa is Kadena Air Force Base(AFB).
Kadena AFB has two runways with ammunition depot area. 
This base is much bigger than Narita Tokyo Air Port.

While Henoko's construction is stopping, people start to eliminate all U.S. bases in Okinawa.

After the WW 2, U.S. Military took over this ex-Japanese Military runway. And Expanded the function of the base.
From Korean war and Vietnam war, also up to now. This base has been used for the war of U.S.
Many accidents are happening all the time. Because, Okinawa is very small island, so all air crafts fly upon the public road and cities and towns.

As well as Noise and contamination to people and environment.

Today was a first day of Kadena Action in front of Kadena AFB.
It was a remarkable day for us and U.S. Many soldiers misunderstand Okinawa people's hearts.
Okinawa people are nice to U.S. people, so many soldiers think that they are welcomed but that is not true. 
People are so suffering that from this base people of other parts of world were killing.
They used to live in Kadena but forcibly their land was stolen and never been inside again.

It's still sacred for native people. How can they give up their home land.

Hija river is one of the biggest river in Okinawa and daily water for a lot of people.
Hija river run into Kadena AFB before go into the ocean. When people asked to U.S. to open records about Hija river contamination accidents. U.S. gave records of this few decades.

The record was showing that many times AFB had accidental contamination to the River. However U.S. never informed to people of Okinawa even they know that this water is drunk by people.

When the U.S. soldiers commit crimes, high commander announces an apologize and say we wanna be a good neighbor.

People have to wake up & speak up to shut down all bases, otherwise this small island will be fully contaminated in a future.


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