Pictures from Ryukyu......

          Joined the hands at the front of Camp schwab gate. In a rain, people sing & dance.
Our strong & respected elders of Okinawa & Japan.
                                 Sometime, young ones also show up at the gate.
                                  Marvelous creature in a Yanbaru rain forest.
                                          Standing with a great dignity, I say...
 Human's Sit, This is a pineapple farm. all Red soil flow into the sea. And Corals dies...
             Everyday, people come to join "Sit in" at Takae where the Yambaru forest is.
                      Spring started in Yambaru forest. Beautiful smell is carried by winds.
Are you feeling anger? By seeing those people, I say, I feel deep sadness for them. The Humans forgot how we were born into this world & forgot why you were born on this mother earth....
Let's work together to remember and remind the all people who forgot !!!


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