Cruel Reality of Fukushima after 5 years.

Peace Walk from Sendai city (Miyagi pref.) to Fukushima.


It’s been 5 years since massive earth quake with enormous Tsunami hit North East Japan. And 4 Nuclear reactors exploded. We still wish that it was a just dream that Nuclear reactors explosions.

It’s been a lot of time for an infrastructure to recover. And there are still thousands of trucks and construction vehicles are around this area.
Many people are wondering that this massive new infrastructure is a good way to recover. I mean hundreds km of breakwater divides humans and the sea.

Volunteer workers are now required not only physical works but more mental support for people who lost their houses and family or who evacuated from radiation.

We visited a community center called “platform” where people come and share the information. This platform is located in Odaka ward, Minami-soma city, less than 20km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.
This Odaka ward is a “zone in preparation for the lifting of the evacuation order”, other 2 zones are “restricted residence zone” and “difficult to return zone”.
These three zones are set by Japanese Government.

Government wants residents to return to Fukushima to show evidence to the world that Fukushima is safe place to live again. And from this April, Odaka ward will be lifted from evacuation zone. There are already one small supermarket has been opened.

At the platform, our member started to ask about radiation level in this area to a woman who works here.
She was seems annoying of being asked about radiation. Then another member started to talk again about radiation and introduce a delegate from Australia who involves stopping Uranium mining.
The woman harshly answered, “Did you ccme here to talk about radiation?” “What’s your walk’s purpose?” “If you talk only radiation issue here, we doubt about your walk!!”

We felt sorry to her.
The situation here in Fukushima is complicated ever since after the radiation spread.  Relationships have been split up, not only between people who think that radiation is safe or unsafe, but more complicated way. When you talk about danger of radiation with friends or neighbors you are maybe laughed or pointed out that you’re worrying too much.
It’s easy to imagine that people who plan to come back here don’t want to hear about radiation all the time, even they care of it.

Myth of secure of Nuclear reactor was a word on everyone’s lips after the accident. It means to believe without any reliable sources. And now, Myth of secure of radiation has been spread as propaganda by nuclear complex and government.

10thMarch, We walked from Odaka to Ukedo beach, Namie town. It’s location is only 7km north from Fukushima Daiichi NPS.
This area was hit by Tsunami, and rescue party were recuing people who are under debris. However, after the explosion of NP plants rescue teams had to leave from Ukedo even they were hearing voices from under the debris. Later, the date shows that Ukedo was not highly radioactive contaminated zone.
At Ukedo beach new temporary incinerator has been operating. It burn up debris under 8000 Becquerel/kg. So, actually this incinerator is spreading radiation into the air.

Around one million dollar has been spent in these 5 years to decontamination works.
But no one believe that decontaminate all area is impossible. I witnessed a kinder garden is under decontamination work. Can you believe, that it’s been 5 years but still kinder garden is under decontaminating process. It must had been done at most first priority, even I don’t agree to open kinder garden in this Area.

And another big issue is internal exposure. The government fixed a rate for 100Bq/kg for food. The any words can’t explain how awful that radioactive food now at possibly any corner of Japanese food shops.
Fukushima, I mean whole Japan is under the Radioactive Crisis since 2011 up to now and for future.

We went to Fukushima Film Festival on 13th March. The movie was about the test for thyroid cancer for under 18 years olds children in Fukushima by Japanese government.
Already, there 166 children are diagnosed as a cancer or having a possibility of cancer.
Statistically, Thyroid cancer is found a one of a million people. In Fukushima 166 of 0.35 million are diagnosed. The government doesn’t admit the relativity between cancer and radiation from Fukushima yet. In Japan majority doctors are with government and Nuclear complex, like IAEA is starting to teach all 5 grade kids in Fukushima about radiation in a government facility.

After the film, there was cross talking session, there were 2 men who runs NPO for decontamination work. They explained why they started to decontaminate a town.
Because, they have children and their children go to school everyday. Everyday school kids walk contaminated road to school. So they couldn’t wait government or administration to decontaminate the road. They also advised people that while we are waiting the government to decontaminate, each family can do in front of their houses. Then a lot of part of a town will be safer for children.

An elderly woman raised a hand and said, “I believe decontamination work have to be done by government or TEPCO. And I feel that I’m being criticized when you talk about decontamination by ourselves, because we haven’t. I don’t have any equipment either. When I hear someone talk about that Fukushima is high radiation level, I feel that I’m being criticized.

I understood that how much she’s been stressed by living in Fukushima. And I heard that she’s been working for anti-Nukes. But recently, she’s been irritable with people.

In a public, people can’t talk about radiation. Maybe many of them think Fukushima is already safe to live…however I think that in a corner of people’s mind, they always have strong stress of thinking exposure to radiation.

The government, Media, School and even Doctors say it’s safe and radiation from Fukushima doesn’t cause any health problems. There-fore, It’s not easy to speak out about danger of radiation especially in Fukushima.

And another thing is that, Japanese people, especially people of North East Japan. They think that their virtue is patience. In this culture background, it’s difficult to speak up.

Many people say that “why people still live in Fukushima”, “It’s already contaminated and no way to live in Fukushima anymore”. “I would leave if I was living in Fukushima”.

Yes, there are many people who already left Fukushima, but they are not the people who live in this area for generations. They didn’t have many connections or relatives or attachment to the land where is contaminated.

Nuclear disaster is an endless crisis for all human beings and for Mother Earth.
Invisible radiation created invisible war. 
To prevent another Nuclear disaster, we should not ignore the reality.
We all have to face this ongoing crisis. People in contaminated area need more & more support to protect their life from the government and the nuclear complex.

This time I couldn’t talk about people who already died possibly related to radiation, and there are also people who have been having health problems, they understand it’s related to radiation.

And many schools kinder gardens were already re-started without secure level of radiation environment.

Also a lot of contaminated food are already everywhere in Japan. People are having internal exposure by eating them. We don’t know what is the future?

Don’t forget Fukushima Nuclear disaster. We have to work together for protect the future.


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