Henoko Daily Acrion started again.

7th January 2016

where the world goes in this chaotic situation all around the world.
Middle East, Europe and Easr Asia, Africa, or Centarl America

In Okinawa, Japan. still people are not killed by international terrorism.
no bombs, no gun shootings.

Is this called a "peace" ?  I say, we don't feel a scare of being killed in a daily life.

This morning, the construction vehicles went into the base, a first time of this year.

Yesterday was Wednesday, every Wednesday is a day when the hundreds people gather. there-fore yesterday a few hundreds of people gathered. and no construction vehicles showed up.

All Okinawa council decided to make 2 days a week from 1 day a week from next week.

So, from next week, 2 days in a week, the construction vehicles cannot go inside.

                                                 550 days of daily action
                                                 6 a.m. at Camp Schwab.
                                             Riot police, ready to remove people.

                     L-shaped concrete block for land filling of the road beside the Oura bay.


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