Henoko Today

   Today is 709th day, It's been almost 2 years since we started to sit in at Camp Schwab.
 Yellow Line, Since Okinawan woman was killed by U.S. military worker, we've been stopping all Y number vehicles(Military workers) and military vehicles.
 24 hours on the road of Okinawa, you can see military vehicles, and often they make accidents.
                   Many elders are retired school teachers. Many of them come everyday.
 This is a Security man for U.S. base. And Carrying a gun. He is a Japanese ordinary man. It is illegal to have a gun in Japan even as a security guard but in side the base is not Japan so....
             Says, "Welcome to Camp Schwab Home of the USMC & III MEF's Striking Power"
                                       Says, "Protect What You've Earned"
                                             Hula dancers visited Henoko.


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