Power of the Prayer

Today, we have an hounor to welcome the Chumash elder with his deligation from U.S.A.
He is a member of environmental group who also support Henoko struggle by protecting Dugong.

Today, he offered a song as a prayer at Henoko camp site where is in front of Camp Schwab USMC base.

So many people visit Henoko for the support of struggle, but not many people have offered a prayer.

Criticizing political leaders, verifing construction's situation, etc.

People in Henoko action like to talk about politics, not spiritual or religious.

Political topics make people anger and regrettable.

When people pray and speak from the heart with compassion and wisom.
This makes people happy and be pleased.

It was a good example today which people in Henoko forgot to do.

the Prayer holds people's good heart together. Even it gives nothing of visible result, but it remain something warm and strong in people's mind. Then often it's so important to keep people walk forwad.


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