Fukushima 7th Year Report

7 years has passed.
Earth Quake and Tsunami took about 20000 lives.
And Nuclear disaster continues to lead us to the unkonwn future.

Many differnt theories has been expressed about a radiation matter.
Some of them says Radiation in Fukushima is not danger to our body.
Some of them says that there are already many victims of Radiation.

People in Fukushima are not feel free to speak about radiation issue.

The government & media put more weight to talk about safety of radiation.

It is strange situation that hesitating to talk about it...

It make me think that how we the people live out side of Fukushima support.
A Buddhist Monk Pray.
At Southern Minami Soma city where recently J.P. government permitted to live after Nuclear contamination.

                           March 10th. Inter faith pilgrimage has been held past 7 yeras.

                                                Tsunami reached a couple of miles.
Elementary school was engulfed by Tsunami.
Killed 74 kids.

                                                                       Pray at beach.
                                 A woman from Hokkaido visits every year on this week.

                                               Offering a wooden stupa for spirits.

                                                             A dose meter at park.

                                         Hundreds of kms continue a wall of concrete.
                                         For preventing another Tsunami ? or for profits of corporations ?
                                         I understand this walls are symbol for fear and ignorance of human being.
                                         It's a historical monument of Human Creation.
                          Fukushima Pref. office bulding.
                          Pref. Gov. J.P. Gov. Local Media campaign about safety about radiation.

             The Woman against Nukes.
             This year, the rally was smaller then ever before.
             We worry about speaking radiation issue is becoming a Taboo in Fukushima.

                                    Miyagi Pref.  Onagawa Nuclear Power Station.
                                                                         Ibaraki Pref. Tokai Nuclear Power Station.


  1. Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo.Many thanks for your great effort for Fukushima and Okinawa. You were on an excellent TV programme on British Television. Take care of your health. My best wishes to your Mother.


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