Okinawa Today.

Thank you ... Governor Onaga.
We will not forget your dedication to Okinawa.
Okinawan governor Onaga past away on 8th Aug.
He had a pancreas cancer.

He was given surgery this April.
If he gave up his job at that point, he 'd may be survived up to now.

His responsibility was so much to Okinawa.
He was an one of the most powerful gorveronor in Okinawan history.

He was a member of Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) which is the biggest political party in Japan.
Priminister Abe is the top of LDP.

However, when Mr. Onaga saw how Japanese goverment treat Okinawa, He decided to leave from LDP.

And Mr. Onaga ran for Okinawa governor and He was elected.
What was a special about a governor Onaga is uniting Okinawan conservatives to stop U.S. military eapansion.
U.S. mlitary issue in Okinawa was always devided conservative party and liberal party.
However, Mr. Onaga joined the hands with liberals to stop new U.S. base expansion.

He said, No More Ideology But Identity.
He meant that he understand the imoporatnce of Japan-US Security treaty however Okinawa will not tolerate Jap. government attitude like tampering a history in school text book about a forcement of mass suicide by Jap. soldiers at the battle of Okinawa else more deployment of Osprey in Okinawa.

Mr. Onaga pointed out that LDP members used to be more understandable about Okinawan issue and situation. Old LDP members who knew the battle of Okinawa had a sentiment of sorry about those problems in Okinawa.

On end of July. Governor Onaga expressed in front of cameras that Okinawa Gov. will revoke the permission of a land fill in Henoko U.S. new base.

He was very skinny.
He had been on a medication of anti cancer drug.

I felt sorry for him.
He could resign. And He may be survived.
But he kept on.

There is a no one of replacement of Mr. Onaga.
He was the one who could unite Okinawan conservatives and Liberals.

Yesterday, 31st Aug. Okinawan Gov. did a revoke of Henoko land fill permission.
Japanese Gov. likely to take action to end the validity of permission and bring into court.

By the death of Okinawn governor, an election will come up on 30th Sep.

LDP bring up Mr. Sakima. He was a Ginowan city mayor. He resigned and run for the election.
successor to the Mr. Onaga will be Tamaki Denny. He is an member of diet.

I hope that unity of Okinawa will not be divided again.

                                                                                              From Kyodo


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