Jeju Island, South Korea, Naval Base on the island of great nature

I visited Jeju island on this summer.
It's been a year since I visited Gangeong village last time.
I was very shocked and depressed of seeing that complete of Naval base.

Those walls used be divided a village and a naval base has been taken away. 
Now, you can see the naval base from a village, its massive presense of concreat is weird.
It doesn't fit in a old beautiful village.

I can't imagine that how much suffering for the villagers.

First 4 pictures are about [hundreds bows] in front of naval base.
Every morning at 7 a.m. People start to bow toward naval base for an hundred times.

Soldiers are walking by.

Pictures of mountain is Mt. Hallasan.
A most sacred and highest mountain in Jeju island.
I could see a naval base from Hallasan.
What would Hallasan think about this Naval base that what I thought when I see it from the mountain.

However, people in gangeong think that make this village as the place where is spreading peace.


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