Yambaru forest is slowly being killed.

It has been a month since the construction started.
Now, Okinawa Defense Bureau is making a road to helipads construction sites.
According the order from U.S. military high officer to complete all helipads as soon as possible, Japanese government is in a hurry.

One remarkable news is that Okinawa Defense Bureau is planning to use Japanese Defense Force's helicopter CH47.

Finally, Japanese goverment started to use their own weaponized force to make U.S. military base.

Takae is not well known like Henoko.
Therefore, numbers of people in Takae is not as many as Henoko.

A big point to stop the construction is to gather many people.
When there are a couple hundreds people gathered in Takae ODB and Japanese riot police don't send trucks.

I ask each one of you to have more interest about Okinawa.


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