American & English Peace Walkers Came to Okinawa

Peace Walkers arrived at Henoko Fishermans Port.

Locals joined for Dinner at Community center where neighbor of Henoko.

Walkers joined sit-in at Camp Schwab.

Walkers joined the arms with Okinawan People.

Walking at Southern Okinawa where the Battle of Okinawa was Heavily Fought.

Over Looking Oura Bay where is Proposed site for Reclamation.

On 10th to 16th January 2017, 
5 Monks, 3 Veterans for Peace, One Native American Woman (Wampanoag), African American and Chinese Americans, Vietnamese American, Japanese Americans, and 3 women. 2 Japanese drivers.

It was a historical action by over 30 delegates from U.S. and England.

Walkers first visited southern Okinawa to learn a history about the Battle of Okinawa.
Without knowing the history, You won't understand the present situation

Next day, .Walkers visited Kakazu hill top where you can over look the Futenma Air Base.

Futenma Air Base is not called officially as Air Base, Because above the air way there are houses, schools, hospitals, kinder gardens and even city office. So Aerial law of Japan or even America, This Futenma Base is illegal for the law.

Then Walkers arrived at Yomitan Village.

Gathering at night and told a story about Standing Rock to Okinawa people.

In a morning visited Shimuk cave and Chibichiri cave.  
Shimuk is the one no one get killed because before the U.S.-Japan war occured, many Okinawans were in Hawaii. Therefore, those immigrants knew that how U.S. soldiers treat enemies. So they persuaded other Okinawans in a cave to be prisoners of war who were wanting to commit suicide because they only knew that how Japanese soldiers treat prisoners of war in Asian countries.

In a another cave Chibichiri, there was horrible moment that they choose to commit suicide rather than being captured by U.S. soldiers.
Even mothers killed their children, they believed it's better to be dead rather than being captured.

Next day, walkers joined Kadena Action at a gate for Kadena Air Force Base.
This action has been taking on every Friday.

It was a great moment that we had a speaker from Veterans for Peace, Native American, African American, Vietnamese woman, Senior Buddhist Monk and Okinawan Elder.

Some of the walkers pointed out about Okinawa & Native American Issue is same root.
I put Hawaii and Guam,too.

a Law of the Nature which many Indigenous community used to be live with has been destroying the Future of Human World.

Is it important to have a solidarity between Okinawa & American Indian ?


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