International Peace Walkers in Okinawa

At Himeyuri Students War Nurse Memorial.
In a Museum the Survivors tells the testimony of the Battle of Okinawa.
Veterans for Peace met a survivor.

Shimuk Cave where fortunately no victims during the Battle of Okinawa.
Because of the Okinawan Immigrants to Hawaii were in this cave and told to the people in a cave to be captured by U.S. soldiers and becoming the prisoners of war.

Chibichiri Cave is the one of the most well known historical site where 83 civilians out of 140 Okinawa local people committed mass suicide.
Mother killed her children, Children killed their parents.
Why? Because of brain washing by Japanese Imperialistic or Extreme Patriotic Education.
They choose to die rather than being captured by the Enemy.

Okinawa's younger friends came for dinner and share about their activities.
They started a village called "Wakage no Itari Mura". Their aim is that to create Peace out of Old System and more independent system with food & house etc... and also communicate with people out side of Okinawa or Japan.

Veterans for Peace at the front with Vietnam war survivor.
Walking Prayer on the most busiest street in Okinawa called "Kokusai dori".

At the Prefecture Office Building.
Gathering Prayer for supporting Okinawa local government to stay strong on the struggle with Japanese & U.S. both government about Military Base issue.

At a Jail in Naha.
3 men are jailed for 3 months.
One man is suspected of cutting 2 wires in a Base, Piling up concrete blocks in front of the Gate of the Base and Pushing a man of Okinawa Defense Bureau.
Other 2 men are suspected of one of those suspicion.
It is very clear that oppression by the Japanese government towards movement in Okinawa.


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