Takeshi Onaga, the governor of Okinawa

What makes him a specific governor in a history of Japan?

I think that one reason is because he is from LDP party.
He says, he is a conservative politician and He thinks that Japan-Us security treaty is needed.
However, a burden of the U.S. base in Okinawa is excessive.
About 75% of U.S. base in Japan is in Okinawa.
20% of the main island of Okinawa is occupied by U.S. forces.
And this is a Dual Structure Discrimination, which means by U.S. & Japan.

Onaga says, If the U.S.-Japan security treaty is important for Japanese national security,
                 We, all Japan equally accept the burden of U.S. bases.
                 Why only Okinawa have to suffer by U.S. military presence?

So, He represents the people of all Okinawa. Not only for a few political party.

He also says, Not an Ideology but an Identity.

Now, He is an only one in all political field in Japan who is so determined to face U.S. & Japanese  governments.

Majority people in Okinawa has been suffering with U.S. military bases presence.
And still we can not get rid of the most of the bases from Okinawa.
That's why people in Okinawa expect a lot about Mr. Onaga.

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