Walk into USMC Camp Gonsalves to stop construction

 1st October, Finally a crowd of one hundred people walk into the inside of U.S. Base.
It's been a big discussion about walking in to inside of U.S. base.
Because when you step into the U.S base, you can be arrested by military police. 
Yes, it is an illegal walking in to base.
A Special Criminal Law is the name for it.
A law based on the U.S.-Japan security treaty. 

We are wonder if all of us can be arrested or not...

However the construction is moving forward so fast.
It's impossible to stop if we wouldn't go in to the base.

Of course this is illegal act, however, for example when you face that someone is killing someone in front of you, would you care to trespass on neighbor's garden?

The military of United States of America has been bombing, raping, spying. and torturing people of many many countries.

This is our responsibility to stop them.

We learned from our elders to not make a war happen again.
However, In Middle East, our friends has been suffered so much by U.S. military.

So, a special criminal law is less priority to obey rather that protect lives.

We don't afraid anymore...

                         So much amount of gravel is already carried into the forest.
                                                             A hundred of people are walking into Yambaru forest to save water & life
                                                                                      Trees has been cutting down.                                                                                                                     I saw the water from the cut tree, I felt this is blood of a tree                                                                                         Japanese Defense Bureau & Police behind protect construction                                                                                                            Helipad site already widely cut & opened
                Okinawa people never given or agreed their land to U.S. & Japan for military base
Osprey of USMC frying Freely, under the U.S. Japanese people are fighting each other even we do not hope so...


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