Water Protectors met Okinawan Students @ Meio University.

It was about 2 hours People from U.S. shared their experience in Standing Rock ,ND and talked about similarity to Okinawan struggle.

At the beginning. Water ceremony was held by Poko from up state NY.

                              Each one of U.S. friends talked each experiences.

Yuwa from main land Japan talked about what "Peace Walk" means to him and also what "Prayer" means to him. He said it's about "Connection".

There are students who goes to base to learn English. For her U.S. base is there since she was born, never thought that it's good or bad. But when she heard a story of one white woman shared her story that her brothers are in a U.S. military and she is hurt from her brothers job that they have been part of killing people in this world, the student started to cry...

      She expressed a fear of being taken a video or picture by Japanese police at Henoko.


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