American Friends Two Months Experience in Okinawa.

Morning prayer at Henoko Camp Schwab.

 Sometimes in a heat, sometimes in a rain.

Everyday's scene at a Camp Schwab gate. Wish our drumming & chanting soak into their hearts...
All people are removed by J.P. police for opening the gate for US base construction vehicles.                  


                              Hundred of trucks line up to enter the US base.

They are private security company called ALSOK. They are just ordinary men from mainland.

                                       Stand in front of Military vehicle.
            Two Dragon Eyes and the body then tail. As a Protector of sea that is Dragon.

Ie island. One day trip to learn a history of Ie. Horrible battle in 1945. And start place of Nonviolent Resistance in Okinawa by Farmers. One of the leader is Shoko Ahagon who is named after as "Okinawan Gandhi".

                                    "USMC BOUNDARY" marks divide the land.

                    Memorial tower of the Battle of Okinawa who were killed in Ie island.

                               Tacchu Mountain stands at center of Ie island.
                 Oura bay where is a proposed site for US New Military Base by Landfill.

                               Local people say that this is a Dragon Face.

                 "Henoko Blue" the canoe team try to reach to construction site but...

                    Japanese Coast Guard has many & better boats to catch canoes.

Gravels are dumping in to the water. The noise of the gravel into the water is just so irritate us...

                              Water song of Algonquin people sang by Poko and us.
Nibi Wabo Endyain Aqui Miski Nibi Wabo Hai ya Haiya Haiya He Haiya Haiya Haiya Ho !!!


Near Kadena Air Base. Biggest Air Base in Far East Asia. Non stop landing over people's life...

Offered a Prayer for Rina Shimabukuro. Who was raped & Murdered last year by US ex-Marine man. and dumped in a Jungle. Be founded after few week....
This ex-Marine man was just had Baby with his Okinawan wife... It sounds like he just had having a happy life, we can not understand how he ended up of occur this terrible result...

                     Prayer stays forever in this place....thank you for your prayer....


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