Spirit of victims, we carry & move forward to close all military bases

The woman who has been killed is a close person.
I never met her but, she was a neighbor of my acquaintance.
She was age of 20's.
I have a hole in my heart. I guess everyone in Okinawa feel deep sorrow.

There were more than 574 atrocious crimes in this 43 years.
Before 1972 which is under U.S. military government rule, there were even more atrocious crimes.
"Enforcement of the law of the land in a U.S. soldiers" is a word which is after the crimes Military & government always express and never been come true.

People decided to stop all military & Y number vehicles.
Prevention of U.S. militant's crimes, we don't allowed them to go out side from Bases.
U.S. militants are everywhere in Okinawa. They have no restrictions to go out and drinking.
This is extremely dangerous for ordinary people.

This yellow line is a border line. we can't get into other side. If we did, we'd be arrested.
But, on the other hand, for U.S. soldiers, they can walk into both sides.
Now, Okinawan movement can reach new action. To shut down all base's gates in all around Okinawa.
                                                Blocking the gate by blocks
                                        Elders stands to stop a military truck
                                 U.S. female soldier shooting people's close shoot
                                  You are welcome to join this struggle in Okinawa      


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