Okinawa Deposition 22nd. July. 2016

A massive power of the Government is demonstrated with the Japanese riot Police who are sent from Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka, and Fukuoka. 
All Japan riot police forces.
Uncountable numbers of Police forces (media says 500 - 1000 hundreds) arrived at Okinawa on this middle of July.

The Japanese government has been ignoring a Japanese law on the isolated island of Okinawa.
The situation in Okinawa has been so critical and danger of democratic and constitutional nation.

The Japanese government ignores the Okinawa prefecture government. And using police to remove the will and decision of Okinawa.

Especially Police power has been overused and ignoring law process.
For example, Removing legally parked citizen's cars which were blocking the gate for construction sites.
Starting a inspection for all cars on the public road. Police tried to search inside of cars.
Setting temporary traffic signs of parking prohibition without legal process.

When the Police who is legally using a violence do not obey the national law. 
It is absolutely dangerous for a people who disagree the Japanese governmet policy.

These days, we witnessed the government is ignoring a process of natinal law visibly.

I am so scared to imagine the future of this isolated island Okinawa and also Main island of Japan itself.

Bravely a woman sat on the car & speak to Police force.

Riot Police, Security Guard, Temporary Fence and making more fence inside.

Public road was closed by police without needed permission from Prefecture Government.

Women asked for toilet, Police man follows and waits outside of the door.

This day, Media complained to Police that didn't allowed to walk around.

3 people were injured. 2 women & a man. but more & more people had mentally injured.

Police moved a car by using special wheel tools.

Each one of the people have a story to tell to Police.

He was singing a Traditional songs with tears.

I guess around 300 people sat.

People protested for 7 hours under the summer sunshine.

Yanbaru forest, some people climbed up.

Media came from all around Japan.

Pray for everyone to awake.

Lawyers ask to explain this legal situation, but Police had no answer to reply. Just said For a safety.

Dark blue color occupy the Green Forest.

This day I didn't see any U.S. military personnel. What is this mean???


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