Henoko Genaration Gap !?

Every morning except Sunday at 9 a.m. 10 to 50 people gathered in front of Camp Schwab.
Almost all of them know each other. Their ages are mainly over 60's & 70's.

I tell you this is not negative campaign but I mean where are young people ?
I know that young people are busy for their life, but I don't see very very few numbers of them here.

I think Henoko movement is not fascinating young people.

In this few days, I met students at Henoko & Takae. I saw that they could not be a part of protesting people. They kind of stayed away from the crowd.

Many elders are wanting to have more young people at Henoko movement but I didn't see both young & elders communicate.

                                To attract more young people, What Do we need ?

the Blue Sky, the White Clouds, Green Trees. Good mix isn't it ? First session is maybe not easy to harmonize. But when the time goes... so we just need first step to come together.

Elders enjoy with their style. I know that for young people, it's not for their style. So how we come together...

I ask you who watch this blog, to write me any advice.


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