a Will of Okinawa is kept ignored by Japan...

Right after the National election finished in Japan on 11th July. Japanese government suddenly carried in construction materials into Takae Helipad proposed site which is at most northern area in Okinawa. Known as U.S. Marine's Jungle War-fare Training Center.

The all elections won for the representatives for national diet. All 6 representatives of Okinawa are against the construction more U.S. bases in Okinawa.

The will of the people in Okinawa is so obvious.

However, Japanese government will send 500 - 1000 riot polices for speedy U.S. military construction. Which means for a removal of people who protest.

It reminds me Japanese Imperial Force invasion to Asian countries.

Moreover, 14th July Jap. Government & Okinawa prefecture government discussed to find a solution. It was an order from the court to discuss between Japanese government & Okinawa.

However, suddenly the Jap. Government expressed to restart the construction in Henoko.
Jap. government says that the working on the land is not a part of our agreement.

I say that is a stupid quibble, but this quibble won't be a big news in Japan.
It's so ridiculous for Okinawa's awaken people that Jap. government demolished an agreement.

At Takae, riot polices remove people, even elders who experienced the battle of Okinawa.


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