23rd Nov. Arrival of new ship for landfill

a Sunday early morning , this yellow crane ship sneaked into Oura bay.
This ship carries concrete blocks for anchors of pollution protect net.
But this concrete blocks are massive, They plans to drop 286 blocks all together.
57 tons for 102 pieces, 44 tons for 38 pieces, 12 tons for 48 pieces.
An agreement between Okinawa prefectural government & Okinawa Defense Bureau(ODB)  doesn't permit to drop these massive concrete blocks.
I can't believe how the government ignore or violate the rules.
Last year when ODB dropped numbers of concrete blocks, they crushed corals.
This time, numbers and sizes are bigger than before. it's as same as a landfill.

We need more people to stop.
Please come to Henoko.


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