17, Nov, 2015 Henoko Sea Action

A crystal clear water of Oura bay

ODB (Okinawa Defense Bureau) patrol boat watch us and warn us to keep away from drilling                                                                                                            survey tower

Captain Nakamoto tell Japan coast guard and drilling survey workers

Japan coast guard to protect drilling survey for US Marine Base ?

Henoko Blue (canoe team) facing to Japan coast guard and ODB.
This orange buoys are "Stop Line" for canoes. When we get inside of these buoys, coast guard  comes to catch us violently                                          

A view of Camp Schwab, US Marine Corp

An amphibious tank of US Marine Corp

A tent in front of Henoko bay. 11 years of sit in

A people from Hawaii, their ancestors are immigrants from Okinawa 
Praying to ocean, people of Okinawa forgot to pray these days, but people who are descendants of old Okinawa still remember to Pray


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