Henoko Wednesday Action

Every Wednesday, members of Okinawa local assemblies join sit in at Henoko 6 a.m.
Last Wednesday, 1200 people came to sit in at the Gate of Camp Schwab. Therefore gate was keep closing automatically. None of the construction vehicles and riot polices showed up.

Today, about 700 hundreds people gathered at 7 a.m. Therefore no vehicles and no police again.
at 9 a.m. people had a break time. Almost all people went to toilet and breakfast.
Then from 10 a.m. people continued to sit in again. However, at this time only a hundred people came back to sit in. people were giving  speeches and most of us were relaxing.

Suddenly, riot polices started running out from the another gate, they run down to our gate and surround us. then made human barricades at each side of sidewalks to stop people to come and go.

Riot police took about 10 minutes to remove ,people, then 8 vehicles with workers went into the construction gate with police escort.

I don't know what is the duty or the work for police.
They have a right to enforce upon people, but people don't have this right, If we do, we'd be arrested by the name of "interference with a government official in the execution of his duties.

Is their duty to help building US military Base ?

Today, Police made a surprise attack.

Where is their justice and humanity ?
Why the nation take a justice and a humanity away from the people !!

Today, I see that the national policies cause the war.   but we never give up.....


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