Okinawa, its suffering

On the beach of Camp Schwab, You can see their training from this side of fence.
Marines are young.  Look like even teenager. 
Everyday, every kinds of military vehicles are on the public road. Ofcourse, many accidents and car troubles.                                                  
A fire on the mountain, Because of their shooting training. Their continuously shootings naked the mountains.                                                   
Futenma Air Base. A runway stay in a right center of city of Ginowan. 2004, a Helicopter crushed into an university which stands next to this Base.
Their is no rules anymore. Whenever, Wherever they fly upon people's houses.
In US, ofcourse military air craft cannot fly upon the people's houses this low.
This is where the Kadena Air Base is, One of the biggest air base in far east Asia.
70 years of their presence.                              
In Okinawa, Japanese constitution is not exist.               
Oura bay where US & Japanese governments plan to reclaim.


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