Buddhist Monks led the 30th annual Peace Walk in Okinawa

Buddhist monks has been organizing an annual peace walk in Okinawa since 1985.
This year also they walked through from north to south. On the way they spent 3 days at Takae in solidarity with a people who is stopping the construction of U.S. helipads.

It was  a quite important jointed action with the people.

Reason why?

Because recently there is a kind of rumor that says "people who protest at Takae is not a local people, they are activist and leftist, some of them are even extremist".

I heard real examples from my friends.

One of the friend who's older brother is serving as a riot police in Tokyo.
The older brother told my friend that people who protest in Okinawa is "extreme leftist".

Another friend of mine who was born & raised in Okinawa.
She has an older sister who was working in Bank (20th or 30th of the her age).
The older sister found out an information on the internet and she believed that people who protest in Henoko or Takae, they are Korean or Chinese people.

These false information are all over in the internet world.

I feel it's very scary. 
It reminds me that how the man of power oppressed and crackdown the people in a time of war.

There-fore the presence of Buddhist monks and different looking people in Takae gave a courage to people.

Actually most of the people in Takae is an ordinary people, I mean retired men & women and sometime young people join for a short time.

More people need to be at Takae. otherwise "the power" try to isolate people in Takae Action.

Prayer with a hand drum & Buddhist chanting in front of riot police
Offering a prayer for their awakening 
Police making human jail while trucks go through 
at Okinawa Defense Bureau
'till the last year they let us get inside to talk with, but this year they came out shortly to receive our letter.
at Torii Station of U.S. Army Special Forces
This red gate is a symbol of Japanese Shrine, they use for their gate
Beach at Henoko
Peace Walk in Ie island
Northern point of Okinawa


  1. 沖縄平和行進の皆さま


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