In southern Japan there is an island called Okinawa. Ryukyu is the previous name of this island before the Japanese invaded in the 17th century.

During World War Ⅱ, Okinawa was sacrificed to protect the Japanese mainland. At that time, the majority Okinawans were Japanised in an education system, forcefully taught a loyalty to Japanese Emperor. In 1945 the U.S. brutally invaded Okinawa — the ”Storm of Iron" — and took the lives of 1 out of 4 Okinawan people.

From 1945 to 1972, the island was ruled by the US Military government. Okinawa became a lawless area. In 1972, the island was returned to Japanese hands.

In July, 2014, both the Japanese and US governments started the construction of a new U.S. military base to have a new base in Henoko, although 20% of the island is already occupied by US Bases. Henoko is the site of beautiful Oura bay. The government plans to landfill Oura bay, an area of unusual of marine bio-diversity where endangered species live.

In June, 2015 opinion poll shows that 80% of Okinawan people oppose the construction of the base. In protest, the people have built a permanent community of tents in front of Camp Schwab, a US Marine Corps base, and we are there every day around the clock. Opposition includes the prefectural government of Okinawa and many national and local representatives in Okinawa are our side.

On 13th、October, 2015
A governor of Okinawa revoked a permission of reclamation which was signed by Previous governor.

The dispute over the new U.S.base's construction in Henoko between Tokyo & Okinawa is set to develop into a court battle.

4th March, 2016
the government of Japan and the Okinawa prefectural government reached a settle ment for lawsuits filed over the plan move U.S.Marine Corps Air Station Futenma to Henoko.

At the moment, All constructions in Henoko has stopped.
Until the Japanese Government violently restart again.

11th July 2016
While the Henoko is stop, Japanese government suddenly re-started TAKAE helipads Construction.
More than 500 riot police has been sent from main land.
Beautiful Rain forest's village has become a chaotic situation.

February 2017
Henoko construction has restarted.
Land Fill has also started. the Government plans to complete in 5 years. However, the Protectors at Henoko keep fighting to protect the bay. As well as a Governor of Okinawa and Mayor of Nago city have power to not being complete the construction.
Next year, January and November, there are elections for both mayor and governor. It's going to be a key for Henoko.

The determined people won't give up.

This blog is to spread the message and to tell the story of our non-violent daily action.


Ikuko-san from Takae

I met Ikuko san the first time was on movie called #TargetedVillage (Youtube).
As she works at her family's small factory. Her & family are making  a traditional altar for ancestors. 
However, she gave up to work on it because it requiered a plenty of time & have to finish at once.
Since construction started forcibly, she lost her relaxed time at her village.
It has been ten years almost.

On 2014 I & her went to East cost of U.S.A to join a peace walk toward the Washington D.C.
She was very humble but told strongly of the U.S. military problem in Okinawa at  every

I see her at the Takae often. 
Recntly, she was looks like very tired and disappointted, I was understanding that it's a due to the crack down by the police force to the people.

Police used to be taking a neutral position between construction people and opposition people.
Since Shinzo Abe became a prime minister, the police started useing their power to help U.S. military base construction.

Today I was with her at a gate, and she seems stronger than before. I saw, she was carried
away by 4 police men from blocking the trucks.

When we watch everyday numbers of trucks go into the gate, sometimes feeling like a give up or disappointment. 
Today, when I saw Ikuko san's effort, I received invisible power to continue my struggle.

Later, I asked her that 
I took your picture today because your act inspired me especially today.

And again I asked why you looks very strong today

And she answerd me that yeserday I went to the court and on the way back home, all of us felt the helpless situation... 
I wanted get out from this emotional situation, so I expressed that.

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