Losing a Virgin forest in Okinawa

 There are already over 2000 trucks has been carried into a Virgin Forest of Takae, Okinawa.

 While the global warming as environmental issue is a one of the biggest issue in a world of today, a destruction of the Virgin Forest is completely wrong action to make.
It's an action going against times.

There are also hundreds of endemic species in this forest.
They live only in this forest of this world.

As well as 60%-70% of the water for people in Okinawa is provided by this forest.

Okinawa is a small island and no high mountains.
So, drought was an always big issue for people on this island.
However, Okinawa constructed numbers of dams in this few decades.

However, most of the dams in Okinawa are inside of U.S. Bases.

When the U.S. Military contaminate the water in dams, They don't give a notice to people.
As well as, they don't let Okinawa to investigate the area.

the Life in Okinawa is on the Hand of U.S. Military, Because the Water that we drink is in a U.S. Base.

I'm sure that if you know this truth, You would be amazed.
That what is your government does to the people of rest of world.

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